Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Decluttering the Extra Room. Yes, That One.

I took this week off from working on Lovely Riot to work on this:

Yes, it's that evil back room where all of the extra stuff goes. Well I decided that this week I was going to conquer it because thinking about how messy it was was starting to steal mental energy that I could've been using for drawing and making pages.

The majority of the stuff I donated to Goodwill. When my dad came by to visit, he was totally taken aback by all the stuff I was loading into the car. He was like, "Are you moving?!"
I had so many boxes and bags stuffed into my husband's car that I couldn't see out of the back glass. By the way, I did this when my husband wasn't home. I didn't want him to freak out from seeing how much stuff was going out the door. He knew that all that stuff was scheduled to go, but it think actually seeing it may have proved to be too much for him.
After that came the hard work of cleaning an reorganizing the room. Although I didn't like seeing a project like this take time away from my graphic novel, now I realize that tackling that room was the right thing to do. 

While cleaning, I mentally made adjustments to the relationships of some of the characters. I'm really excited about the changes because the direction of the story has improved because of them. If I had decided to keep working on Lovely Riot instead of taking time off to work on the crazy room, it may have taken longer for those revelations to come to me.

Almost as an extra reward for getting this room in order, my sister-in-laws kindly gave us a Japanese style screen they were letting go of before they move to California. So this is the end result:

This room almost makes me want to learn tea ceremony. I think it could use a rug, though.

There are a few extra things that are headed for Ebay and Etsy this week. I have a lot of old artwork, manga, and back issues of Shoujo Beat and Newtype that I'm letting go of.