Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mandy & Molly Three Page Sneak Peak!

I've posted images of these pages before, but they were all half-done and out of order. So here are the first three pages of Mandy & Molly for the first time ever, in the correct page order:

Remember that "Amy and the Scene" poster. 

The band will actually be part of the plot later in the comic. Sadly, because of the way webcomics are, they probably won't appear until like next year or the year after. So there's the challenge of keeping Mandy's admiration of them in the story until that time comes. 

I had to do something very similar in Mascara. I had to constantly weave football into the story so when it was time to do that major scene with the football game, it wasn't like, "Where did that come from?"

But it does give me something exciting to look forward to because they are an awesome band. 

Another sneak peak of completed pages will be coming soon!  

So what do you think about these pages? How do you think they compare to my older comics? 

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