Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Free Ways to Promote a Webcomic

I have the date March 26th highlighted on my calendar. That's when I'll start posting pages of my new comic, Mandy & Molly.

Webcomic artists are not known for having money. In fact, I work and make comics on the side. So that being the case, any advice on how to do effective promotion for free is totally appreciated.

The other day when I was reading through the Tapastic forums, I came across this thread called Building a Social Media Presence With No Budget. You can read it here.

I have already tried most of what's on the list. Twitter is great. I like using it to keep up with what other artists are doing. I'm not as vocal as some are--I post sketches here and there, but I don't often get into discussions. However, it's a great way of seeing what's going on with the webcomic community.

I also like Project Wonderful.(Note: This site does not show correctly in Chrome. Use Firefox or Internet Explorer) I've used it for Mascara and Couture, and it works. Most webcomic sites have Project Wonderful ads on their pages, so webcomic readers are exposed to new comics. When I was working on Mascara, it wasn't unusual for me to see an interesting ad for a comic via Project Wonderful while waiting for comic pages to upload. Sometimes I would click on it to check it out.

I am a loyal ad-blocker user, but I do allow ads on webcomic sites because I don't know what I might miss. Also, that's how many artists make revenue.

I will be using Project Wonderful to get the word out about Mandy & Molly before I start posting it. Also, I'm simplifying the whole ad creating process by using ad templates on Canva instead of firing up Photoshop.

There are other tips in that forum thread that I would like to try, such as submitting my comic to webcomic lists. If you're working on a comic and are planning on sharing it with the world, I hope you find some of the tips as helpful as I did.

And if you know of any other free methods of webcomic promotion, feel free to comment on what you have found to work.

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