Monday, September 22, 2014

Cover Art for The Blue Room Cafe

Since I'm an artist and a writer, I feel like I HAVE to design my own book cover. If I don't, others will be like, "Hello, you're an artist. Why did you pay someone to design your cover?"

And if I did hire someone to design my cover, I'd feel like I wasted my money because I could do it myself.  Anyways, here's the cover for The Blue Room Cafe.

Inspiration for the cover design came from the chalkboard wall menus that coffee shops typically have. Of course the inside of the book is important too. I've finished my rough draft, and now I'm beginning the editing process. It's a short novella, but I'm still expecting to spend a few months editing.

Editing is my favorite part of the writing process because that's when the story really starts to take shape. The rough draft is like a shapeless blob of clay. By the time I'm done with cutting it and shaping it, it's a lovely vase.