Friday, September 12, 2014


As I write Danielle's narration, I feel a little bit like I'm getting inside of the mind of a con-artist. Or at least, someone who is not totally sincere. I think the strangest thing about Danielle is that she doesn't realize how insincere she is. She really does think that she's a honest person, although she isn't.

Her Pinterest board is full of coffee and photography.

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Danielle's love for coffee is genuine, but her love for photography has been really exaggerated in her mind. One of those pins also alludes to Danielle's simple and straight-forward style. A t-shirt, pair of jeans, and maybe a cardigan. Her style is totally opposite from her very flashy and eccentric roommate, Amelie.

I also included a pin with Dorthy's ruby red slippers, because Danielle mentions them at the very beginning of the story. And the quote really fits too.