Monday, September 8, 2014


Amelie is like, the co-main character of The Blue Room Cafe. Danielle is the narrator, but she is writing this story about Amelie to Amelie:

I have to say truthfully Amelie, you’re not a real singer. Still you have so much energy and honesty when you perform, I want to believe that you are. The moment I saw you singing, I wished I could live as truthfully as you. I wanted to slip into your cocoa brown skin and live as you for awhile.
 If I had to come up with five words to describe Amelie, they would be: enigmatic, mischievous, honest, passionate, and creative. She has this purple kimono that she loves to wear that's imprinted with peacocks. She often wears it as she relaxes to watch t.v. and eat cookie dough. I have know idea where the cookie dough thing came from. It was a totally random idea. By the way Amelie is a name that Amelie gave to herself. Her real name is something totally different.

I've created a Pinterest board specifically for Amelie's character:

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There are a few pins on this board about singing. During the time period that this story is happening, Amelie is totally into singing, although she has been into other hobbies in the past. like trying to write the next great novel. I think this one quote from the board summarizes her attitude the best:

Yes, I sing in my car.
Yes, I know you can see me.
No, I don't care.

And that attitude goes to other things beyond singing.