Sunday, December 26, 2010

Week Four! <3

“Couture” is in the envelope, sealed, and ready to be mailed off tomorrow. I seriously didn’t think I could finish it on time.
But working on this really helped me to see Mascara differently. For one thing, I finally understood how special Ian’s character is—I really couldn’t Couturecoversee it until I started creating someone who is different from him. Also I found some techniques that will make my future pages better.
I will start releasing pages for Couture January 5th. It will be updating in tandem with Mascara for that one day, and then all the other pages will be posted on the weeks that I’m not posting pages for Mascara. I’m  waiting until after January 3rd to release plot info and such.
The plot is~ okay I guess. I’m not a huge fan of writing so few pages because it feels like things are drastically cut short and simplified. If I was allowed more pages and more time, I definitely would’ve went into deeper detail on some parts of this story.
Well that’s it. Now I’m going back to being a Mascara machine. And thanks everyone for your feedback. I totally appreciate it. <3