Friday, July 31, 2015

Writing Can Alter the Future

My own future or someone else's.

I recently received this touching open letter. I laugh when I see that I've inspired someone else to write a blog, when my husband originally inspired me to start one.

Before we started dating, he emailed to me a link to his gaming blog. I thought it was amazing how he wrote about what he was playing and working on. At the time I was working on my first manga Mascara, and I realized that I also had a lot to share. So I started this blog.

Over the years I've had times when I posted regularly, and other times when I barely posted at all. There are blogs with way more readers and traffic than mine. Sometimes I ask myself why do I keep posting?

I think it's a need for self-expression. When I write I'm able to express myself better.

I've also kept writing blog posts because it's great practice. After working on manga for such a long time, I found writing to be somewhat difficult when I got back to it. Keeping up with my blog made the idea of writing a novella less intimidating.

The best thing about blogging and just writing in general, is that I never know when something I write will have the power to alter my future. In her open letter Ari mentions a novel I wrote called Omnigirl. I wrote it when I was around 15, and I've shared it with some of my friends. I never thought much of it, but I realize now that If I never wrote it, my life would've been very different.

I shared Omnigirl with my husband when we were friends, and after reading it, he realized that he wanted to ask me out. My whole current situation of being happily married is because of a novel I wrote when I was fifteen.

Now every time I start typing I wonder if the words I take so lightly at the moment will somehow drastically affect what happens in my life or the lives of others. It's fun to think about!