Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Less is More With Creativity Too

It's interesting how when I have less to work with, I have more ideas. That could be because I'm forced to use what I have and think of alternatives.

Recently, I've come to the sad realization that I may not be able to create any more full manga series. It's all about time. When I created my first few mangas, I had less responsibilities. Now I can barely do one page a week, when I was making on average four pages a week in the past.

Being so limited is frustrating. Still it makes me think of other ways to deal with it. Lovely Riot is a story I want to tell.

So I've decided to try a storytelling experiment. I'm writing Lovely Riot like a novel, but then I'm also adding some manga style graphics to it. The tricky part is that the artwork isn't like typical illustrations, which are pictures of what's already going on. The artwork is actually going to be part of the story. Without the art, it will feel like something is missing.

I'm testing this technique out on one chapter, just to see what methods and layouts I will have to use to get it to feel right. It is a bit crazy and a risk, but it could end up being something very interesting, and I'm excited about the possibilities.