Friday, August 7, 2015

Using a Dash Page to Create a Themed Planner

Creating a dash page is the first step to creating a themed planner.

Lately I've been browsing Pinterest for some planner inspiration, and I've come across some beautiful things.  Some of these planners blew me away, leaving me wondering  how does someone even get started with theming a planner (???)

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Well, I stumbled across a clue. Lately many planner enthusiasts have been into creating what they call a "dash page."

A dash page is basically a plastic sheet near the front of the planner that holds stickers, sticky notes, and other decorative items that will be used in the planner. Having a dash keeps these different parts easily accessible. For example, here's the dash for the disc bound planner I'm working on.

My dash page is basically a plastic pocket with some cool artwork on the inside and stickers, watashi tape, and sticky tabs on the outside. Also in the pocket are more stickers and 3D scrapbooking items. Although it is a mix of stuff, they all have the same general feel and similar color scheme.

This is my new DIY diskbound planner, BTW.

As I was creating the dash, I was going through my collection of scrapbooking stuff to see what fits the atmosphere of this page and what didn't. In the end, I had a clearer idea of how I wanted this planner to feel. The main colors ended up being orange, black, and purple, with highlights in bold shades of blue and pink. No pastels in this one.

The theme of the dash also inspired the hand drawn tabs I created.

(Post coming soon about this)

Creating a dash page helped make my planner more of a work of art and less of random things here and there.