Sunday, December 19, 2010

Week 3!

I’m almost done! I’ve finished adding tone and speech bubbles to all of the pages, and I’ve finished editing as well. So now I’m going to print everything out, put it on the shelf for two or three days, and then take one more final look at it before I send it off.
I have learned so much while toning this story, it is ridiculous. When adding tone with Manga Studio, for a long time I’ve had problems with having gaps in the tone. It doesn’t always come out seamless. Well, I’ve finally figured out how to get the tone looking perfect every time. I never realized that the marker tool could be used for adding tone. After about two years of using this program, I finally found that out. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t read the user’s manual…
What also makes things different is the fact that this comic is meant to be in print. Certain tones that are perfect when exported digitally are too dark when printed out. I had to lighten up on the tone so that it would print well. As a result, now there are tones that are almost invisible when the pages are exported digitally, but look very nice when printed.
Overall, I am extremely happy with the way things have turned out. Sometimes good things happen when you’re under pressure.

Sneak Peek

I will probably be posting this comic sometime in January. ^_^