Sunday, March 27, 2011

What's next?

Lately I've been sitting around thinking about what other kinds of graphic novels I would like to create in the future. Right now there are two concepts in my mind that I would like to try one day.

So these are my ideas:

An Epic Football Story

I have to confess, football isn't my favorite sport, but overall there's so much drama and action involved in it, that I would enjoy creating a story one day that's centered around it. I don't know why, but it attracts me. And I like how football players look when they're crashing into each other. The body positions are strangely graceful, no matter how forceful and destructive the tackle is.

A Period Piece

I think it would be neat to do a graphic novel that has a setting during an iconic period in Americana. Like, it would be so cool to do a manga where the setting is in the U.S. during fifties.  I like the clothes and the overall feel of the decade--the cars they drove, the music, and the fact that a gallon of gasoline was less than fifty cents. There was also quite a bit going on culturally as well with the growing popularity of television. Even though it would be a throw back, a story with that kind of setting can still be just as relevant today.

The eighties is another decade I would love to use as a setting. MTV was a new phenomenon, women wore jackets with huge shoulder pads, and having a mullet wasn't a crime (although it should've been). Drawing with the 80's as a setting would be so rad.

But ultimately, when it comes to creating graphic novels, I always think back to the stories that I've read that have affected me the most. The best stories make me feel as if something amazing has just happened to me, leaving me different from the person I was before I read it. At the end of it all, for a moment, I'm not myself. The type of story totally rocks your world and your perception, and somehow touches something deep inside. Ideally, out of all the graphic novels I may end up creating, I would like to stumble into creating at least one like that.