Saturday, April 27, 2013

Why You Should Make An Artist Manifesto

Manifestos are usually associated with the corporate world and politicians, and if you're an artist that's trying to sell artwork and graphic novels, you're a business. So like every corporate super-empire, you should have a manifesto. And even if you are not planning on selling anything, a manifesto can be very motivating, and it's a reminder of why you create what you do. 

What is a manifesto?

 A manifesto typically contains statements about what the purpose of your business (or in this case, art) is and what you hope to accomplish. It is an edgy attempt to embody your entire reason for creating in a document. As an artist who works hard to get work out there, I find that it's easy to get disillusioned. Between updating, posting, writing, and creating, it's easy for me to forget why I'm doing this simply because I'm too busy to even think about it. The manifesto is that physical reminder that I can post on a wall. So when I'm finding myself low on creative energy, I can just sit there, read it, and get motivated again.

There are many ways to write a manifesto. The easiest way I've found to is to make a list of things pertaining to my art that are important to me. Then I would find one word to describe each item on the list.  Each word is then used to create section headings. Manifestos are not long-winded. They are short and to the point. Each statement listed is like a lightning bolt.

Honestly, the act of writing a manifesto is enough to inspire yourself, and here are some questions you can think about while crafting your own:

  • What impact do I want my art to make on those who see it?
  • What do I like creating, and why do I like creating it?
  • What do I hate creating, and why do I hate it?
  • What things related to my art would I like to see change?
  •  What feelings motivate me? 
  • What is one quality that my artwork MUST have? 
By the way, it's okay if your manifesto sounds legendary and epic. It suppose to sound that way.

For some more advice on creating manifestos, click here.

One more thing about manifestos: They have even more impact when shared because they can inspire others, and they let everyone know what you're all about. So in view of that, here's mine. Click on the banner to read it!

If anyone creates their own, I would love to read it. Feel free to share a link to it in the comments. And if you've found this information helpful, please remember to show your support by following my blog!