Saturday, December 28, 2013

Does Banner Ads for Webcomics Even Work?

For the next week, I'm doing a special advertisement campaign for Mascara in print with Project Wonderful. This is what the ad looks like:

I have done ads twice before--one when I first started Mascara and another a year ago to promote my blog. But, there is still one question I haven't been able to answer yet--Does it really work? Like does it do me any good or is it just a waste?  Since my ads are targeted to webcomic and manga websites, I think it might do a little something, but in the past, I've had no way of quantifying the benefit of running these ads. For this ad though, it's easier to see if it's being affective. If I sell a few more copies, it could be, and if I don't, it's not.  So...We shall see.

Advertising for webcomics and the products that come from them can be very hard to do, because there's that artist side of you that's like, "Art should be free to everyone!" and then there's the practical side that says, "But artists need to eat too..."  I think eating is more important, because if I don't eat, I'll die and then I won't be able to create anymore. And that would be sad.