Sunday, January 12, 2014

I Was an Artist Block Victim...

...From September of last year and for most of December. Although I had the script and plot-line for Wings all written out, I could not get myself to draw the pages of the second half of the story. My work pace was really sluggish. It's like I would work on half of a page here, add tone there...I wasn't getting much done at all.

By the time the end of December came, I knew that I had to do something about this because I have the second half of the story scheduled to be published by the end of January. So I took a second look at the script.

Turns out, every time I looked at the script I felt a pang of absolute fear. There were so many pages with five panels or more. I hate doing a lot of pages with more than five panels!

And that's what was keeping me from progressing.

So I changed most of pages that had five panels to pages with four panels, and after that I felt all the anxiety disappear. From then on I've been working on Wings everyday, and I'm
very confident that I'll be done drawing all of the pages early next week and then I'll go on a toning blitz for the rest of the week, finishing the story off.

Going through this set back helped me to realize that if I really like a story, but I'm having problems progressing on it, I really should just take a second look at how I feel about it to see what's wrong. I was feeling overwhelmed and I couldn't progress. But after I thought about it, and realized what was holding me back, I took care of the problem and tah-dah! Artist block gone.

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