Friday, May 8, 2015

Fan Art

I really love when people send fan art. It’s just the coolest thing. So here I’ll be posting the fan art I receive. By the way, if anyone wants to add to this collection, just leave me a link to where you’ve uploaded your work in a comment to this post—It could be at Deviant Art, Photobucket, or where ever, and I’ll put it up.
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Chibi Ian by RazzDejaStar

For more work by RazzDejaStar click here.

Ian for Gurlrocker20 (that’s my username) by Mekisyo

For more work by Mekisyo click here.

Mascara: Ian by Mangakaluna
For more work by Mangakaluna click here.

Mascara: Addison Walker by Hiddenwings


For more work by Hiddenwings click here.

Maskara by GeneralWinter
Note: When I received this picture the file name was “Maskara” I don’t know if that was intentional or not, but I thought it was such a cool play on words, since in a way, Ian lives behind a “mask.” So I left it that way. :)

Right Behind You by GeneralWinter

For more work by General Winter click here.

Mascara Ian & Addison  by Khristine Pact Borbe