Monday, February 3, 2014

The End: Be Flexible When Writing

I'm the type of writer who plans out the entire story before starting. I know how a graphic novel is going to end before I even start it. Or at least, how I think it should end.

Here's the thing: in the past when I've written novels, I would keep the ending exactly how I planned it. But with graphic novels, I'm finding that things work a little different. I often don't stick to the script, although I have one.

Sometimes while working on a story, I learn things about the characters that I didn't know when I started. The story may have a different atmosphere or a feel that's unexpected and different from what I thought it would have. When I learn new things about a story while I'm in the middle of working on it, I often change the ending.

For Mascara, I changed the end quite a few times. Wings is much shorter, but I've even changed the end of that story from what I originally planned.

If the ending doesn't feel right, definitely change it. If anything in a story doesn't feel right, change it. As a structured writer, there's the temptation to stick to the plan, but I've realized that sometimes the story changes as I work on it. If the story changes, so does the plan.

When I let myself be flexible and change things when I need to, I find that I'm much more satisfied with my work.  Besides, the ending shouldn't be forced, but natural.