Friday, July 25, 2014

Natural Curls

I know this is totally different from what I normally write, but when there’s something that’s important to you, sometimes you just have to write about it! Who cares what you normally do.

On the side, I’m working on a very short guide book about taking care of natural hair.

What is natural hair? Well, it’s very common for African American girls to straighten their hair for their entire lives. My hair has been flat ironed regularly ever since I was six. Anyways, last year I decided that I wasn’t going to flat iron my hair for at least two years and that I’m not going to straighten it with chemicals for...well, for a very long time. Maybe never again.

Anyways, now I’m living with my naturally curly hair, and I’m learning to deal with what I was born with--what’s natural for me. It’s almost like being one those girls who finally decide to stop dying their hair so they can see what their natural hair color really is.

There are many Black girls out there who want to see what their natural hair texture is, but there is so much information on going back to having naturally curly hair that it’s overwhelming. Also it can be very time consuming and expensive if you’re just starting out.

So to make things simpler for girls who want to take the leap, I’m writing a short, to the point guide book on how to transition to naturally curly hair without spending a lot of time babysitting your hair or buying a whole bunch of unnecessary products.

Really, most of the stuff I use on my hair comes from the grocery section of the store. I don’t spend much time working on my hair because I have better stuff to do. Yet, it’s still healthy.

I get asked pretty regularly about how I get my curly hair the way it is, so this is basically how it’s done. Although this book targets African American girls, it has good advice for any girl with very coarse, super thick, curly hair.

My hope is that this short book can help girls to learn how to appreciate the hair that they were born with, and that it doesn’t have to be straight all the time. Having curly hair is cool too, and taking care of it doesn’t have to be overly time consuming or expensive.

And there’s going to be a bunch of cute artwork in this book too!