Friday, August 29, 2014

August Art Journal Pages

Here are some art journal pages that I've created over the past few months. Most of my pages right now are more like paper craft, but I would love to do pages covered with sketches more regularly.

Before I go too far I want to take a moment to acknowledge the post "Drive by Art Journaling" on by Cate Prato. This post really helped me to find a way to make time to create journal pages. So bit by bit during the week I work on a page until I feel like I'm done. 

This page is just pure random. Whatever I felt like. Covered up a sketch that I was unhappy with, haha. That's what you can do with an art journal. Make a mistake? Just cover it with something else.

 This is a neat to-do list I made by sketching items that were laying around on my desk.

Since I'm a comic artist, I have to practice drawing objects as well as people. This is a fan that was in my bedroom.

Sometimes my pages are just pure writing. This is one of them. I scanned a page from an old issue of Shoujo Beat, and then just wrote what I wanted all over the copy. Can you guess which manga this page comes from?

I hoping in the future I can do more sophisticated layouts, but I'm still in the learning stages. I can't wait until the day when I can look back and see how my journaling style has changed.