Saturday, May 30, 2015

Being A Little Disorganized is Okay

Life sometimes is a total mess.

Since I have people over pretty often, I try to keep the house presentable. 

Still I work a job, I'm creating a manga, and I'm writing stuff for this blog. I don't have time for all that tidying stuff!

Recently I've been doing some major getting in order. This post here is one example, but basically my entire house has gone though decluttering. I don't have many unnecessary things, so that makes maintenance super easy. 

But sometimes things still get messy. At first, after all the work I did to simplify, the mess did make me a little bit frustrated. But then I realized, "I live here. This is a house, not a museum. So what if my stuff is everywhere right now? As long as I put it away today or tomorrow, it's no big deal."

It's like finding this pleasant balance between being my creatively disorganized self and still maintaining a sense of order. 

By the way, I do no cleaning on the weekends other than washing dishes. It's a strict rule of mine.