Friday, October 16, 2015

Writing Scripts for Manga: Handwriting or Typing?

I've tried over and over again to type my scripts, but every time I end up pulling out a notebook and resorting to writing by hand out of frustration. 

And if it's not a notebook, I'll grab my pen tablet and start writing by hand in a note-taking app.

I've tried to be modern and type my scripts, but I end up with writing that's missing intensity.

I remember getting my first journal way back in the fourth grade. I would sit on the bed with the notebook, filling it with my private thoughts and stories. That was my moment for me--my little mental vacation. I could be whoever I wanted in my journal. So now when I sit down with a notebook or simply use a pen to write something, those same feelings come back to me. This is my own space. Here I can write what I want.

I find typing scripts frustrating. Something about the way my thoughts show up on the ideas feel restrained when I type. I self-edit more while typing and think more. But when I write by hand, I just spew out whatever comes to my mind. There is no holding back.