Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Script is DONE!!!

I've finally finished the script for Mascara!

Okay, actually I finished it about a month ago, but now I'm finally getting an opportunity to write about it.

Finishing everything up was actually kind of hard. It took a bit of effort to get myself motivated to write it. But as I started working on it, the ideas began to flow, and the next thing I knew, I was writing "The End."

I'm not going to say much about the end of Mascara, such as what's going to happen, but I do have some very interesting details about it:

The last chapter of Mascara will be chapter 30, which means that the next volume, volume 8, will be the last one. I've already done the cover art for the last volume, and next to volume 3, it is my favorite cover. I'll be revealing it after I finish posting chapter 24.

Chapter 30 is 22 pages long, a little longer than usual, but since it's the last chapter, I think a few extra pages just makes it more special.

Now with script writing done and all pages planned, all I need to do now is draw.

By the way, the last line of dialog is, "It's not fair!!"


  1. Congratulations! This is really exciting. Good to know that we still have about 6.5 chapters left to go. I'm looking forward to seeing how things continue to develop, and reading the exciting conclusion. ^_^

  2. Last line being "It's not fair!!" kinda could be almost anybody in the story.... good, not enough to jump ahead and try to figure anything out. Only 6.5 chapters left (thanks Catalyst), I can hardly wait. Love the manga, congrats on finishing the script!

  3. I'm excited to read it to the end!