Friday, March 30, 2012

Drawing on My Phone

The other day, I downloaded an app called Skitch (by the makers of Evernote...) Anyways, this app is mainly for making notations on pictures, but it also allows pictures to be created from a blank canvas. First off, drawing on a phone is so awkward. The screen is tiny, and drawing with a stylus so doesn't work. I had to use my finger, which is totally kindergarten. So with thirty seconds of finger painting and thirty seconds of ignoring my ego, I created this.
What I like about Skitch is how easy it is to add text to photos and move the words into any position that I want. Then I can use that nifty arrow tool to point to who's speaking. Will I ever make a comic with my phone? Nope. I will get tired of sqwinching at the screen. Will I use my phone to make random and pointless drawings such as this one? Probably.