Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Volume 7 Cover Reveal!

Next week I will be posting the first pages of the last volume of Mascara. And with a new volume comes a new cover. Are you ready for the last cover that I'll ever do for Mascara? Well, here it is:

Since this is the last piece of cover art I'll be doing for a volume of Mascara, I've decided to do something special. I've decided to make this cover and two of my favorites available to be purchased as prints on Deviant art.

My favorite covers are this one: 

And this one: 

If you're interested and buying prints click here.

One piece of advice--when you go to DA, they automatically show the most expensive stuff they've got. For something more reasonable, click on the tab entitled Photo which is right next to the more expensive Art Prints. ^_^

I have to confess, coloring the last cover was very difficult. I changed the colors so many times. At one point, I considered letting Addison's hair be this reddish color. It's not her real hair color, but I liked how it looked. My first draft of the cover looked like this:
Over all, I'm happy with the changes I made to the colors. Addison's eyes were way too brown. When I printed it out, they looked more reddish because the brown was so intense. As for the drawing, I thought it was fitting to go with a kind of masquerade party theme because the story really is about these different masks that Ian wears as a character. And perhaps Addison has been wearing a few disguises of her own--she just hasn't been aware of it.  Volume 7 as a whole is a very active volume. It's like, something is always happening. At this point, I have about four more chapters left to draw, but I've been enjoying every moment.                  

And if there are any other covers or specific pages you would like to see as a print, let me know in a comment, and I'll make it happen!


New covers are available for print!

There's this one:

And I decided to add the extra artwork that was included in this volume as well:


  1. I love the colors on the new cover. I'm very excited about this final volume. ^_^

  2. A print of the cover for volume 5 would be awesome! That's one of my favorites. :)

    1. Okay. I'll make a print of that one too ^_^ I'll let you know when it's available:)

    2. Can't believe it took me one month to make that print you asked for! The cover for volume 5 is available now<3

  3. I love the new cover too! I like how you gave Ian a "phantom of the opera" type mask.