Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wings- A New One-shot Project

I haven’t updated for a week, so I know I have some explaining to do. Basically, I’ve been working hard on my brand new one-shot.

This one-shot will be about 50 pages. It’s going to inked 100% digitally, so that’s going to add some new options as to how I go about creating the art for this story.

As far as the plot goes, Wings is about a girl who is suffering from bipolar mood disorder but doesn’t know it yet. I have to confess, this story pretty much sums up my past and future fears. It was like writing an excerpt from the journal I kept when I was 16. But bipolar is a very tricky illness. Moods that seem normal at the start could turn out not to be that normal after all. Overwhelming happiness and excitement can morph into irritation and then rage. On top of that there can be long periods of time where everything’s fine. Years can pass without an episode and’s back.

It can be a very disabling illness, especially if it’s severe, but there’s nothing like when the mood hits that high, and it’s possible to create and create like time does not exist. And everything that comes out is great, and it’s even possible to think that you’re the best artist to ever walk the earth, although it’s all an illusion.

Writing the script for this was absolutely wonderful, and I like how it’s not really about just some “crazy girl.” It’s about a different way of seeing ordinary things.

I’ll be posting previews of it soon! In the meantime, here's a very short video of me drawing the sketch of the cover for this manga.

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