Friday, July 26, 2013

August Means Nagranowrimo!

There’s a little less than one week left to sign up for Nagranowrimo on Tumblr, which is like Nanowrimo for graphic novelists. If you think that you would like to participate in this, but feel like you can’t finish a whole graphic novel in a month, don’t worry--participants don’t have to finish an entire graphic novel. It’s more about reaching your personal goals, than trying to create a fully completed work, although you can go for the whole graphic novel (48 or more pages) in a month if you want to.

I haven’t signed up yet, but I’m planning on participating. This will be my first time doing it, and I was totally thrilled to learn that I don’t have to start an entirely new comic. I can simply set a goal of what I hope to accomplish this month.

So far, I’ve been completing one page of Wings a day, so I think I’ll continue with that either by setting a goal of one page a day or doing as many pages as possible.

Events like this are great because they’re so motivating. It’s awesome setting a personal goal and seeing how close you can get to it, and then also seeing others trying to reach their goals too. The whole point of Nagranowrimo is to encourage and motivate people to create graphic novels.

So get motivated and sign up!

If you think you would like to participate, here’s the link to the Nagranowrimo Tumblr blog. This blog also is full of useful drawing tips, so I highly recommend that you follow it, even if you’re not planning on doing Nagranowrimo.