Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Number One Skill for Shoujo Style Artists: Drawing Cute Guys!

Unfortunately, this is often viewed as more important than good writing.

This sketch in progress is not of a character that will be appearing in my latest project, Mandy and Molly. He's actually showing up in Shower Singer, a short story that I'm working on. This is a fun, let's see how much I can do in a short amount of time, side project.

The art of drawing attractive guys has changed for me since I've worked on Mascara. One thing is since I'm no longer single, I'm coming from a different point of view.

Now every time I draw a handsome guy, I'm not thinking about the man I wish I could be with, but of my husband. I think about how he looks when he's sleeping, when he's happy, and when he needs a haircut and his bangs are threatening to fall over his eyes...Drawing is way more exciting when I reflect on those things. 

Overall, I'm more aware of what I actually like in a handsome male character. I prefer longer hair and a slender frame. Short hair is okay sometimes, but longer hair so much fun.

I don't know if this is typical, but I find drawing a guy who looks good is more work than drawing a pretty girl. Drawing a beautiful woman is simple. Drawing a guy that's beautiful can easily take me twice the time.

This is a short story about a guy who hears the girl next door singing in the shower every night through the walls of his apartment. And yes, I'm gender swapping again, which means I'm a girl writing a story from the guy's first person point of view.

Now I'm working illustrating and editing.

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