Saturday, August 3, 2013

Get Ready for the Launch of Wings!

Write this on your calendar: August 26th 2013, 6:30 a.m Eastern time. Write the date, the time, and the place where ever you keep track of those things. No, I’m not getting married again (That would be a really bad time for a wedding anyways...), but it’s almost just as exciting.

That’s the day that I will start posting Wings, my first manga after Mascara, on
Smackjeeves. I always try to write stories that change the way the world looks to the reader by the last page, and I truly believe that Wings is one of those.

Unlike Couture, this entire short comic will be posted free for everyone to read. Since it is my Nagranowrimo project, by the 26th I will have enough of it done to start posting it on SJ. The first update will be five pages, and after that I’ll be posting on a schedule of three pages every Thursday.

I chose August 26th because not only will I have the needed pages done, but it’s a Monday. The start of a new manga is a great way to start the week. And what would make it even better is if the whole first half of Wings was available to read.

So starting August 26th and ending September 1st, the ebook version of the entire first half of Wings will be available for download here. It will be weeks before all of that will be made available on Smackjeeves. The format of choice is pdf, mainly because pdf is universal across all devices. Even the Kindle app supports the reading of pdfs.

This book will be 25 pages long, due to the fact that I will publishing it to Barns&Noble, Apple, etc.., and the publishing service that I’m going to use has a 10MB limit. But unlike the version of Wings that’s going to be released later, this one is going to have some extra artwork. And also since I will be publishing a print version of Wings once I’m done, the download will also include a link to a “top secret page” where I’ll post a discount code to get 50% off the signed print version once it goes on sale in my Etsy shop.

But beyond all that stuff, is simply the story. When I read the script for this back to myself, I felt like I was taking some time walking in someone else's shoes. The main girl character of Wings is very insecure and fragile, but yet, she has a lot of strength. It takes a lot of strength to deal with her condition in life. That's the thing I love the most about this story--it an interesting mixture of escapism and reality--and that's why I'm so excited about it.

This little $1.00 download is packed with a lot of stuff. After September 1st, the pages will slowly appear on Smackjeeves and the official widely distributed version will be published, but neither of those will have all of the extra stuff. No one has to buy the story to read it, but those who do buy it are supporting an independent comic artist, which is pretty cool. I’m super excited to be sharing this with you and thank you so much for supporting me and what I do.

I need to stop blabbing and get to work! I will be frequently posting little updates of my progress in my sketchbook, but I will also be checking in here every week to share where I’m at.

So don’t forget August 26th! And if you do, I have a huge countdown clock on the side to remind you.