Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wings Characters: Michelle

Meet Michelle, the main character of Wings! She was kind enough to take a moment from her busy schedule so I could ask her a few questions.

Me: So what do you think about being on the cover of my manga?
Michelle: I think it's awesome! I still don't believe it's me...Sometimes I do wear that much make-up, but not all the time. Only when I feel like it.

Me: How old are you? 
Michelle: Sixteen. I'm in my junior year of high school. Yay, finally!

Me: I know you've been working on a science fiction story. Is science your favorite subject?
Michelle: Yes. I really like oceanography. The underwater wildlife is amazing. Sea anemones are my favorite.

Me: What's your favorite food? 
Michelle: Pepperoni pizza with peanut butter.

Me: With peanut butter?! 
Michelle: It's awesome! Don't knock it until you try it.

Me: When I mention the name Tristan Evert, what words come to your mind?
Michelle: Popular, smart, physically well-proportioned...

Me: Are you planning on getting to know Tristan better?
Michelle: I think it'll be best to save that for the manga.

Me: That's fine. Final question: What were you thinking in this picture?

Michelle: Hahahaha! Do I REALLY have to answer that?

Wings is coming to Smackjeeves!