Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wings Characters: Tristan

Tristan is the leading male character in Wings! He was kind enough to take a moment to talk with me.

Me: So Tristan, what do you like to do on a typical day?
Tristan: I like jogging, bike riding, and playing video games.

Me: How are your grades in school?
Tristan: All A's and one B. The B is in World History. I don't really care for that subject.

Me: Still, that's very good. Others have described you as popular and physically well-proportioned. What do you think of that? 
Tristan: Physically well-proportioned? Is that another way of saying that others think I'm hot or something?

Me: Do you know that at 16, you are the youngest leading male character in any of my mangas so far?
Tristan: That is really cool! I'm honored.

Me: Did you know Michelle before the manga?
Tristan: Not really. But I've seen her around. 

Me: What are you thinking in this picture?

Tristan: Honestly, I don't remember.

Me: Are you strong enough to pick me up?
Tristan: I probably am, but I'm totally not going to try it. Your husband is a scary guy.

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