Monday, September 29, 2014

The Gap Year

When I graduated from high school, I waited a year before going to college. I spent that time doing things that I love like writing and growing my faith and spirituality. Looking back, I'm really happy that I did take a year break before starting college, and I sort of wish that I would've taken two years instead of one.

Like a lot of graduates, I'm stuck with a "practical" degree that's hard to find job doing where I live. I don't fully regret getting my computer engineering degree because it has helped me out in so many areas of my life. The computers I own rarely have problems, and when they do, I don' stress because I usually know what the issue is and what to do about it. Overall, being trained to work with technology has made it super easy for me to adapt to all the new stuff that's constantly coming out.

Still, I wish I would've put more thought into choosing my degree. If I knew what I do now, I would have spent more time looking for occupations in writing (that are reasonable--like technical writing) or even graphic design--things that line up a little bit more with what I love.

The concept of the gap year is actually a major part of The Blue Room Cafe, my current work in progress. The main character Danielle has just graduated from high school, and she's trying to figure out what direction she wants her life to take. She feels like at this point she doesn't want to go to college, because if she did, she would have no idea what she's there for.

Her view point definitely bothers her parents. They're afraid that they have an unmotivated stay-at-home high school grad on their hands. What they don't realize is that Danielle does plan to get training for a career, it's just that she wants to explore her own life some more before she makes that decision.

And that's why she moves in with the other girls who live at The Blue Room Cafe.