Friday, May 22, 2015

Spending More Time Creating and Less Time on Chores

When I start working on a project, I become obsessed. I totally ignore everything: when to eat, when to go to bed, even when to check my email.

So chores are like on the very bottom.

When I was working on The Blue Room Cafe--especially when I got into the editing phase--it wasn't unusual for dishes to be piled up everywhere in the kitchen. And the bathroom...let's not even go there. 

So with this new graphic novel project, I'm determined to keep my house under control, yet still spend most of my time creating.

Simple Living Trick

I really do love minimalist concepts, and I've found a few to make chores fade into the minority of my day. I think the best one is the hardest, and that is to get rid of stuff. 

For example, I hate washing dishes. Especially washing silverware. All of those forks drive me crazy! And I don't have a dishwasher so...

I've decided that since I dislike washing dishes so much, my life would be better if I had less of them to wash. So I removed half of the plates and the bowls, some plastic ware, those ridiculous salad forks, and a bunch of spoons.

True, with less dishes I'm forced to wash them more often. But with less dishes, it's now impossible to have a major kitchen pile up. At the most I spend 15 minutes washing. In the past, sometimes it took about an hour to wash everything.

I took this same concept to the bathroom. There was this plastic cabinet organizer that was a pain to clean around. So I condensed the stuff that was in it so it would be easy to store them somewhere else, and I got rid of the container. Now I don't have to clean around it.

I guess it comes down to being aware of how every item I own has a maintenance cost. Every piece of laundry is time that will be spent washing and folding.

I've also found it helpful to do around 10 minutes of cleaning everyday so things don't accumulate and get me by surprise. So overall I spend less time on chores, and I actually have created extra time to spend on making stuff. It's awesome!