Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Although I Buy Mostly Ebooks, I Still Love Print

First of all, I'm definitely a girl in love with her tablet. I prefer buying ebooks from Amazon, and it's my main way of reading. Still I have this deep love for print. I feel like with the rise of ebooks, print has become more special. For example, if I read a book that I really enjoy in digital form, I'm more likely to buy the print version so I can display it on my shelf. Also many graphic novels I prefer to have in print because they are like works of art. The ebook version is pretty, but the print version is really wonderful.

I think that's part of the reason why I like dabbling into making cute, little, random print zines once and awhile.

Right now I'm working on the second and most likely the last issue of a zine I was doing for my Etsy Shop called Blanket Princess.

I say it's the last issue because I'm shifting my main focus to my manga right now. I will probably make more zines with different themes and titles in the future. Blanket Princess is a zine made up of random stories, artwork, DIY projects, and parts of manga I've already published. The second issue simply finishes off those stories and introduces some more DIY and art. 

Sure, making an ezine is probably a little easier, but print seems more private. Print is tactile and intimate, and I enjoy creating things on paper. Overall I feel like reading print books involves more senses than ebooks do.

Reading an ebook only involves my eyes, and if it's an interactive book--maybe my ears too. But with a print book, I'm using my eyes, my nose (you know, that awesome new book smell) and my touch because of the texture of the pages and the physical motion of turning them.

It's funny how when I was younger, the activity of reading physical books was not noteworthy to me. Now it is.

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