Friday, June 26, 2015

Creating The Ultimate Most Organized Creative Notebook Ever: Part One

Although I use my tablet for many things, I find that when it comes to making to-do lists and notes of ideas that hit me randomly throughout the day, I prefer a notebook. Like, on paper.

I used to regularly keep a journal, and I have a bunch of different notebooks with my stories, sketches, etc... I think that's very normal for  people who write and create a lot.

But I've always had this dream of having the ULTIMATE notebook. That is a notebook where I can store my handwritten notes, snippets of stories, ideas, and art all in one place.

I'm really close to actually reaching that goal. I have found some ways to put different kinds of information into one notebook, and yet keep the information organized. Creating this notebook has been in a strange way--an adventure. I think I've learned more about how my mind organizes things by working on this.

I'll be explaining the process of making this notebook over a few posts, and I hope that others who wish to organize their creative to-do lists and ideas find these posts helpful.

When I first started working on this Ultimate Notebook project, my needs were pretty simple.

Here's what I was looking for when I first started:

Sturdy and Durable
So I can carry it with me everywhere. And it also has to be a size that is appropriate for carrying everywhere.

A Good Amount of Pages
Because I have a lot of info to put into it.

Mixed Media Paper
Since I will be adding artwork from different mediums, including watercolor.

Extra Pockets
I like storing stuff.

So I decided to use this notebook:

It has all of the above plus a nice little notch for storing a pen.

How I'm went about organizing this notebook is another thing. I'll explain that in more detail in a part two post, but as a sneak peak check out this site about creating a  Bullet Journal. It really influenced how I decided to put this notebook together.

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