Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What DIY Tutorials Don't Show

I enjoying finding DIY tutorials and trying them out. However, a lot of time the results are hit and miss. Sometimes I do a project, and it turns out super awesome. Then other times, it turns out like this:

(To compare look at these tutorial pics. Maybe I tried making my fabric bowl too big. It was collapsing on itself. Also it it reeked of Modpodge. In the end, I threw it out.)

Anyways, sometimes I think DIYs need to come with a disclaimer: Don't expect results to be perfect the first time. When I look at these tutorials, everything is so pretty and perfect. What's missing is how much work the blogger had to do to get everything to turn out right. I learn more from tutorials that show the creator's first try, and then go on to show how their second try turned out better. That approach fits the reality of creating stuff. 

I would at least like to know what mistakes they made during the process so that I could avoid them!

But then some projects turn out perfect the first time because of just being fortunate. The hard part is repeating perfection a second time.