Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Getting Apps Organized

My dad decided to join the 21st century and buy a tablet. He tested it out for a week, and then he had me come over to give him some pointers on how to use it, since I'm like the tech guru of the family.

So when I got my hands on his tablet and unlocked it, I couldn't fight back the wave of annoyance that came over me. Yeah, he definitely figured out how to install apps. They were randomly placed all over the screen.

I could not find anything!

My mom's tablet is the same way. Icon's thrown everywhere with no sense of purpose.

I feel that this is a bigger problem with android tablets because of their design. I use my smartphone and my tablet regularly, and I'm always downloading apps, but keeping my apps organized is very important to me. If I want my tablet to be a productive device instead of one that frustrates me and holds me back, I need to easily find what I'm looking for.

I tend to organize based on category, frequency of use, and color. My tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (8-Inch, White) so it's an android device.

On pages I like to organize either by frequency of use or category. The home page is like my command center. Widgets for my note-taking apps and calendar are ready to go. On the bottom are apps that I use frequently.

Then in the app drawer I organize by color. For some reason, alphabetical order confuses me, and I can't find things very well. When I organize by color, I can find the app that I'm looking for more quickly.

I found more tips on organizing apps in  this post at Mashable.

I really want to try labeling folders with emoji and see how that works out.