Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Making a Skirt into a Bag

And it doesn't involve sewing up the bottom.

This little project started when I read this awesome post at Creme De La Craft about creating a no sew purse from a pillowcase. The neat thing about it is that because of the way the bag is folded, the bottom of the skirt doesn't need to be sewn closed to make it work.

I used a handmade skirt that I wasn't really into wearing to make this bag. I often have a few failed sewing projects, especially when it comes to clothes. It's a well crafted skirt, it's just that it didn't have long term appeal when it came to wearing it. I wish I had a before picture of it.

Anyways, I made this skirt into a bag following the instructions on Creme De La Craft. I made sure that waist line of the skirt would be the part of the bag where I put my stuff, and the bottom of the skirt would be the flap that goes over it. I created the handle by braiding three scrap pieces of fabric together.

This bag reminds of furoshiki style bags. It's totally shapeless until stuff is added to it. I did cut one of the holes for the handle a tiny bit too big, so I stitched it up a little to keep the handle secure.

I'm looking forward to carrying this super cute purse around!