Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Admiring the Work of Someone Else

This is the cover of one of my notebooks. I wish that I had drawn it. The art so beautiful. 

Don't let jealously get in the way of creativity. 

It's easy to admire the work of a well-known professional. When it comes to the work of some famous mangakas, I consider myself as a fan. But when it comes to work posted by others on the Internet--those who are not famous, sometimes I get a different reaction. It's more like jealousy. I'm like "wow, their work is so good, mine isn't even close to that!" Then I feel discouraged, and I look at my art with a dissatisfied eye.

When I'm feeling jealous of other people's work I've found it helpful to forget about them and what they are doing, but instead refocus on how far I have come. Sometimes I look at old artwork and compare it to where I am now. Then I think, "I really have improved," and it makes me feel confident that I will continue to get better.

Also, just reaching out and leaving a comment on that artwork that makes me jealous is helpful. It makes them feel less like a rival and more like someone who is simply good at what they do, and I appreciate that.

What do you do to deal with moments of creative jealousy?