Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sticky Note Art in NYC

I'm taking a break from my comic and spending some time with family in New York City this week. I've traveled through NYC before,  but this is my first time getting to explore it. I loved the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And sadly, I had to ride on the subway at rush hour. I understand the "Don't lean on the door" signs, but at rush hour, there's no where else to stand! It's impossible not to.

Interacting with people here isn't intimidating to me, because the majority of  people in the part of Florida where I live are from New York. The people are the same. What's intimidating is the pace of everything. People walk fast down the street and run to the subway.

New Yorkers in Florida are in suspended motion. Everything here is full speed. The best way I've found to adapt is to watch how everyone else is walking, and copy it. Then I feel more in sync with everything.

Overall, I like it here. I just wish that sometimes that people would show more respect for the city they live in, and not hide how great it is with litter.