Friday, September 18, 2015

DIY Hand Drawn Planner Tabs

When I was doing research on some planner stuff I came across

The most inspiring thing about this site is that all of the planner pages are made with hand drawn images. Most of the planner printables I've come across are created with perfect digital lines and graphics. 

But the printables on ahhh-design are so fresh and different--they look like they just came from the artist's desk. Seeing this gave me the confidence to try creating printables using my own hand drawn doodles.

So I took on making some tab separators for my planner, and I love how they came out. I'm sharing this in-case anyone else wants to give creating hand drawn style pages for their planner a try.

Materials needed:
An old tabbed planner page
Card-stock Printer Paper
Permanent Marker
Hole punch (one that works with your planner)

Step One:

Trace around the old tabbed planner page onto a blank sheet of card-stock with a marker or a pen with a bold line. One note: The tabs don't always have to be square. Check out these adorable tabbed pages from

Step Two:

Doodle whatever you want on the card-stock that the planner page was traced on to. Literally--draw whatever. I went ahead with random mushrooms, hearts, and other things.

Step Three:

Scan the page to your computer for editing. This step is only necessary if you're planning on editing and adding color digitally. Coloring in the art traditionally and the making copies of it can also work. 

Step Four:

Add color and edit lines in a photo editing program, if you wish. For an extra touch, I labeled the tabs using a font I made from my own handwriting.

Step Five:

Print it out onto card-stock paper and cut.

Step Six:

Punch holes in it and insert the divider in your planner.

That's it! If you want to get a closer look at the tabs I've made, I've made the printable of them available as a free download--for personal use only. The tabs are for half page size (5.5" x 8.5") planners.  It's best to download it using Chrome or Firefox. I have Windows 10, and I tried downloading it with Edge, but it was all crazy and stuff. Since this is my first set of printables, let me know if you have any issues and I'll try my best to give some help. Enjoy!