Thursday, December 31, 2015

Beating the Past: A New Work space and Moving Forwards


Today I finished moving from my old workspace to a new one. There was a spare room in the house that wasn't being used for much. It's nice to finally have my own space to create. I've posted a lot of my old artwork on the walls. 

Sometimes I wish I was the same artist that I were in high school. Back then I did huge pieces of art. They would take me weeks to finish, but in the end I was always happy with the results. At times I grapple with the thought that I will never be that artist again. Today I get more joy working digitally than traditionally. And I'm more into drawing comics than stand-alone pieces of art.

Looking back does make me sad sometimes. But then other times it makes excited for the future becuase I know it will be full of new things I can add to my wall. 

Along with a new workspace, I'm also turning my attention back to my email list. I confess, I've been neglecting it. Now that I finally know how to update my blog every week, I think it's time for me to tackle the next challenge. 

My hope is to make my email list as a more behind scenes look at what I'm working on, and what's new. I will be doing a new email every week. If you are already a subscriber. and you don't like the idea of getting an email from my blog once a week, that's okay. I know that's not for everyone. Feel free to unsubscribe when you get my next email.

For those who do subscribe now, you are about to go on an adventure with me. I'm always coming up with new things, and I've always have found it a challenge to connect with others. But I want to connect with you by sharing things about my projects that I don't share on my blog. At first it will be bumpy and awkward, but I know the more I do it, the easier and better it will get.

Like updating my blog regularly. 

Thanks for reading, and always appreciate the past but reach out for the future.