Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I Didn’t Let My Drawing Skills Hold Me Back

I’m happy that I didn’t wait until I felt like I was “Good Enough” at drawing to start creating comics. First of all, for many artists who are focused on being good enough, that day never seems to come. And second, working on comics led to my artwork improving.

If you are afraid of starting on a comic because you feel your drawing skills are not the best, check out this post, The Difference Between Those Who Make it in Art and Everyone Else at

Even if you can only draw stick figures, you can draw comics with those too.

The hardest part about starting when you feel like your skills are not developed is that they are probably not. I received plenty of criticism about my artwork when I started Mascara. However as I worked on it, I improved. Then the same people who commented on how my artwork needed to be better were telling me how nice my art had become. Then again others from the start said that they liked my art--flaws and all.

The main thing is getting started and then growing from that.