Friday, December 18, 2015

Medibang: More Artist, Less Software

I’ve been using Medibang for more than a few months now, and I’m still enjoying it. As I’ve been creating pages with it, I’ve noticed something interesting about the pages I make with Medibang versus the pages I’ve made with Manga Studio.

Made In Medibang

Made in Manga Studio

By the way, both of these pages are good. There's nothing wrong with either of them. I'm simply pointing out differences in the way they look, and how I feel about them.

The pages from Manga Studio have a more standard look. I didn’t create the speech bubbles myself, and I often used a template for panels instead of making the panels myself. Also there are many different styles of tone and backgrounds in Manga Studio, so it’s less work for the artist. However, if you use those backgrounds in the comic, people who use the software will know it’s Manga Studio. I’ve seen webcomics where I notice the tone the artist used, and I know right away it’s Manga Studio.

Then when I look at my pages made with Medibang, I laugh because of how much the pages are saturated with my style. I designed the speech bubbles myself. I also made the page layouts myself since there are no page templates. There isn’t as wide of a selection of tone, so some designs I decided to draw myself. Combine that with the font I created and this comic becomes very much me.

It’s like since Manga Studio has everything, it’s possible for the software to have a stronger influence on how pages turn out. With Medibang, the software is more out of the way, so the artist has a stronger influence on how pages look.

I like Manga Studio and Medibang, but each have their uses. I think artists who have been making comics for awhile could enjoy the amount of artistic control Medibang gives them. Artists who have uniquely styled comics will especially like it.

When I think back to when I was first started creating comics, I may have found Medibang a little frustrating because so many pages would depend on my skill. I wasn’t good at drawing backgrounds yet, so it was nice having the ability to just pick one from the library and drop it in there. The tone, page layouts, and other features made getting started in comics super easy. Only now have I started wishing for more control over my pages.