Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Free For Panda

Artist: Katrina Anjolie
Where I’m reading this: Mangabullet.com
Genre: Romance, Slice of LIfe, Comedy
Rating: Older Teen
Reading Direction: Left to Right
This comic is so lovable. The writing is sweet and the art is active and quirky. The main character is a girl named Yuki.  Her mother had recently passed away, leaving her to take care of her dad. Because of her grief, she refuses to go back to school, so her father hires a private tutor for her so she can finish high school at home.
The characters in this story are so easy to identify with, and Yuki’s dad is like part father and part spoiled little brother—protecting his daughter from boys he don’t trust, but at the same time begging for her pancakes in the morning. At the point where I’m reading now (page #62), the tutor has just been introduced, and he does his teaching job well so far. But looking at the plot synopsis, things aren’t going to stay that way.
I’m really looking forwards to watching this story develop and see how the different personalities  of the characters work with each other. The artwork doesn’t stick strictly to the traditional manga style, but I find that it fits the story well. It’s fun and not fussed over.
This comic definitely has a place on my reading list. Waiting for more updates.