Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What I’m Reading…

Artist: Tsugumi09
Where I’m reading this: http://acquaintance.smackjeeves.com/
Genre: Humor, Real-life, Romantic
Rating: Teen
Reading Direction: Right to left

In the artist’s description for this comic, at the very end it says, “The art is crappy >.<”
Acquaintance is about how a high school girl named Rurika ends up helping Rei--a boy who is horrible at love confessions. She first meets him after watching him failing once again in confessing his love to Miyu, one of the prettiest girls in the school.  After this painful scene, Rei sees Rurika and begs her to help him to successfully confess his feelings to the beautiful Miyu.
The plot gets pretty entertaining because Rurika does start to fall in love with Rei, and it just so turns out that Miyu and Rurika are enemies. On top of that Miyu is one of those lovely girls with two faces. Kind of typical drama, but at the same time, reading about a girl who’s trying help a boy make a love confession is enough to keep up my interest.
And the artwork—is great. I’m jealous.
And if another super talented artist writes that the art in their comic “is crappy” when in reality their work is good enough to go into print, I’m going to burn my pen tablet.