Tuesday, October 12, 2010

If My Characters Were BJDs…

When I was little, I would spend hours playing with dolls because I enjoyed getting them involved in ridiculous storylines. I don’t play with dolls anymore, but I still like looking at them, especially the ball-jointed dolls. And I couldn’t help but think, “If I wanted to have a cast of dolls based on the characters from Mascara, what would they look like?” So I went to Iplehouse.net, and found some dolls that reminded me of the characters from my graphic novel. And this might sound crazy, but looking at pictures of them actually helps me sometimes when I have a creative block.
First up: Blaine
  “Ian…What’s so great about him?”
Something about the look on this doll’s face is so Blaine. The jealousy is there. All that’s missing is a wig with super spiked hair.

  “I will train you in the way of the quarterback…”
Nacho is a fairly new character, so I’ll give a brief reintroduction. He’s the injured quarterback of the football team who Ian will be replacing for one game.
His hair and his relaxed facial expression is perfectly Nacho.

“Good Morning Everybody!”
Kaci is Addison’s best girl friend. The eyes on this doll are very warm and sociable, which fits Kaci’s character. And she has some cute bangs.

  “Didn’t I just turn you down?! Go Die.”
I chose this doll as Addison for other reasons besides her hair. That smirk and sarcastic demeanor shows that winning her heart won’t easy. As for putting in a lot of time towards being stylish—not her thing.

And finally… Ian
  “Go die? Why would I do that?”
Technically, Ian’s eyes are green, but this is close enough. And in case you’re wondering, this is him as his makeup artist alter-ego, not what he’s like at school.
But the slightly mischievous, but smart feeling this doll gives off reminds me of him…
“I’m not making you over!”