Friday, November 19, 2010

My Desktop…

I am obsessed with desktop customizations. My desktop has gone through so many style changes, it is sad. But I find that I need to keep changing my desktop environment. I’m on my computer a lot while working on my graphic novel, so I find it absolutely necessary to make my desktop a little place I can enjoy.
At this moment this is what my desktop looks like. I think it’s my favorite look so far:
Shou screenshot 1
Believe it or not, I’m running Vista Home Basic—the version of Vista that is worse than the regular version of Vista. I think my favorite part of this is how Shou from AliceNine is peaking through the widgets. All of these widgets come from Rainmeter. I’m using a lot of different skins, so they’re not part of just one scheme.
And how do I launch my programs? Well, I’m definitely not pressing the start button.
Shou screenshot 2
I like using Rocket Dock because I can put everything I want right where I can get to them fast. And the stacks docklet is the best—I save the links to all the programs I use often in a stack.
By the way, the pictures are in a slide show, so they’re always changing.
Since my computer is a dual boot system, I also have Ubuntu 10.10 installed. And the desktop on that is pretty cool too. I’ll post pictures of that later ^^