Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yen Press New Talent Search?

About two weeks ago I was told about this talent search for comic artists by Yen Press. I was strongly encouraged to enter it, but I was very hesitant about it. First of all, I am very aware of how much work I still need to do on my art. And add to that, I’m only given about 5 weeks to complete a 32 page one shot. Normally, it takes me four months to finish that many pages—and that’s not counting the time needed for plotting and character creation.
Without committing myself, I did brainstorm an idea for a one shot, but I didn’t write the script for it. I just came up with an idea and forgot about it because making a 32 page manga in one month is almost ridiculous.
Well, one week after putting the idea out of my mind, I decided that it might be kind of fun to go for it. Even if I’m not even considered, it would be interesting simply to try it. So this month I will be working on a 32 page one-shot. Every week or so, I’ll probably make a post about how it’s going. I’m going to apologize ahead of time for not answering any messages on my accounts. I will not have the time to answer them this month, but next month I will.
I already have a title for this one shot. It’s called, “Couture.” And I’ll post some glimpses of it as I go along.
And about Mascara—don’t worry about it. If I didn’t say anything, no one would have a clue that I’m working on another manga. It will update as usual.