Monday, July 7, 2014

Anime and Manga Hair Envy!

When designing characters, don’t neglect their hairstyle. The way a character wears their hair not only defines them but also can make them memorable. Here are a few of my favorite anime and manga hairstyles. Some of them I wish I had, and others are just fun to look at!

Chiyo Chan

What I would give to have a pair of Chiyochans crazy pigtails! Not only do they perk up when she’s happy, but they’re also great for flying--well, at least in her dreams.

Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi’s hair is cute and stylish with clips, bows, and ponytails. I also like her hair’s versatility and how she’s not afraid to try something different.


...From Clover by CLAMP. This is the kind of hair that I would love to have. Huge, curly, bouncy, and attractive. I don’t think the idea of flat ironing ever crosses Ora’s mind.

Himura Kenshin

Not all of my hair crushes are girls! I think what makes Kenshin’s hair so awesome is his long, flowing ponytail. It really adds motion to all of his fight sequences. And it’s also really cute on him.

Kei Takishima

It’s really neat when a character’s hair reacts with their emotions. In the manga, Ki’s hair is especially reactive. When ever he’s upset or is sensing something disturbing, two distinctive hairs on his head stand straight up. It’s actually pretty hilarious. 

Yukari Hayasaka

There are times when other characters make fun of Yukari’s super short fringe, but it really fits her personality. Yukari is blunt and no-nonsense and so is her hair. 

What are your favorite hairstyles from manga and anime?