Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Dreams of a Simple Life and Handmade Fonts

I've always liked the idea of needing very little to get by. It's freeing.

I would love to be like, "This is all I need, and that's it," all the time. But when I think about it, it's not really possible to be that way all the time. I do reach moments when I'm totally satisfied with what I have, but then clothes wear out, things get old--and then I have a valid reason for not being satisfied. I'm okay with that, but I just miss that contentment that I had for a moment.

Like finding a nice pair of shoes to replace my ratty old ones stresses me out because there are so many to choose from. The over abundance of choices makes choosing new things difficult. And the temptation to overspend is so strong! I'd prefer not dealing with it.

About this comic page: It's one of my favorites so far. Also it's a good introduction to the new font that I will be using. It's called Mandy Regular, and I created it myself.

I like reading about what other comic artists do, and some of them make a font based on their handwriting because they feel like their own handwriting fits the drawing style of their comic the best. I decided to give it a try, and I'm thrilled over how it looks.

At first I used, and I wasn't really a fan of how it came out. The boxes to write the letters in were tiny, and I was having a hard time creating a uniform look. I wasn't able to create an all caps font that looked good enough.

I ended up going with, and the font came out just right. It's is a little quirky here and there, but not in a bad way. What I like about is that the boxes to write the letters in on the font creation sheets are huge. Also the lowercase letters and the capital letters are on separate sheets, so if I wanted to make an all uppercase font, all I need to do was fill out the sheet of capital letters first and then trace them on to the sheet with the lowercase letters.

Now I have a uniform all-caps font that still has personality.